Saudi Arabia’s vision for 2030 is among the most ambitious strategies ever witnessed in the Middle East and globally. It demonstrates the Kingdom’s strong resolve to secure the future of its economy by diversifying beyond its natural resources and investing heavily in the development of other sectors. The development of human resources ranks high in the nation’s priorities, as the Saudi people rise to carry forward this powerful plan..

As the country opens its doors and seeks to shine on the global stage, hospitality will be at the forefront and one of the key industries that will be relied on to demonstrate how far the Kingdom has evolved. As the deadline for this momentous plan quickly approaches, hospitality, travel, and tourism brands need to act now to ensure their teams are both able and motivated to take on the challenge of elevating the country’s tourism industry.

As a leading commercial advisory in the Middle East hospitality industry, Insight | Out is dedicated to supporting Saudi Arabia in the achievement of its strategy. We have applied our expertise to develop five tailored and knowledge-packed programs that will empower Saudi nationals with the necessary skills to deliver the ambitious 2030 vision.


  • Elevating strategic thinking and tactical planning in your commercial division
  • Building a hospitality culture within your organisation to meet global standards
  • Upskilling the Saudi workforce to meet the challenge of Saudi Vision 2030


Front Office

Front-liners are the most crucial reflection of a hospitality brand. Team members who take on these critical roles must develop the skills to be both engaging brand ambassadors and effective problem solvers.

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The in-house reservation team is an asset that contributes directly to a hotel’s revenue and needs to be armed with the right techniques to identify potential customer needs and persuasively recommend appropriate options.

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Food & Beverage

Team members in the food and beverage (F&B) divisions of a hotel have the important responsibility of building this vital ancillary revenue stream. By delivering a high level of service through F&B offerings, team members communicate to guests the brand’s dedication to delivering a beautiful experience that sets it apart from competitors.

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As direct drivers of revenue, team members within the sales department must have a strong set of technical and personal skills to deal with the demands of their role. Their objective of creating win-win solutions for all parties relies on their ability to knowledgeably suggest products and persuasively convey benefits. Beyond being compelling sales executives, they must be regarded as trusted advisors. 

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Meetings & Events

Meetings and events serve as both an important revenue stream and a powerful way to build a hotel’s brand beyond guest stays. The first step to building the efficiency of this division is understanding that every client and every event will have its own unique set of requirements and expectations.

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