Insight Out Consultancy and The Hospitality Institute GCC Training Academy collaborate to provide commercial hospitality training for Saudi nationals

Apr 15, 2024

Insight Out Consultancy DMCC, a hospitality consultancy in the Middle East and Africa, has announced a strategic collaboration with The Hospitality Institute GCC Training Academy in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to empower Saudi youth and enhance the local talent pool in the hospitality sector.


Insight Out Consultancy has developed tailored training programmes for Saudi youth, leveraging its subject matter experts to enhance the kingdom’s hospitality talent pool. The programmes, which blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills, are offered through the Hospitality Institute GCC, known for its comprehensive educational and training solutions for hospitality professionals.

The content has been endorsed by HSMAI (Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International), a global professional association with a strong focus on education, and the leading voice of hospitality and sales, marketing, and revenue management disciplines worldwide.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the collaboration aims to empower Saudi youth with foundation training on a vocational level, equipping them with a practical understanding of commercial skill sets, and allowing them to future-proof their careers in a rapidly changing hospitality sector, which is set to generate US$3.02 billion in revenue by 2027.

The programmes have been designed to cater to two distinct groups within the Saudi youth demographic, and address the following:


1. School leavers entering the industry: For young Saudis transitioning from school to the hospitality industry, the training provides a high-level foundation learning experience. Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills required to kickstart their careers in hospitality, setting a strong groundwork for future growth and development.
2. Young Saudis currently employed in the industry: Recognising the importance of lifelong learning and skill enhancement for those already employed in the hospitality sector, the training offers foundational vocational training. Delivered by Insight Out Consultancy’s subject matter experts, these programs are designed to deepen participants’ understanding of their roles and equip them with specialised skills to excel in their current positions.

Commenting on the partnership, Li Hawkins, managing director of Insight Out, said: “This collaboration underscores a commitment to nurturing local talent and promoting excellence in the hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious 2030 plans to empower the nation’s youth. They will be the driving force that takes Saudi Arabia into the next decade and beyond, and with 63 percent of the population under the age of 30, they must be future-ready with a diverse skill set.”

Bob Gilbert, global president and CEO of HSMAI added, “HSMAI is delighted to partner with Insight Out to deliver globally accredited content for hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue professionals in Saudi Arabia. Our Advisory Boards in every global Region work hard to maintain core competencies in each of these disciplines so that hospitality companies around the globe can thrive.”



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