The perfect hybrid of online and offline distribution channels and seamless integration between various systems are needed to accelerate the success and profitability of your business. 
As technology advocates, our immense knowledge and experience allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for your business needs. We oversee the design, selection, implementation and configuration of systems, creation of standards of procedure (SOPs), training, and offer post implementation support and periodic “health checks”.
Due to our strong connections with top technology providers, we negotiate preferential commercial agreements and then facilitate seamless implementation for your system of choice. Our tech experts can even provide hands-on, day-to-day management of various distribution channels and technologies. 
At Insight | Out we ensure that you have the right systems deployed across your organisation to guarantee maximum performance and efficiency.
Our team can offer distribution management support in three ways. 
1. Strategic support: Our consultants can provide high level expertise to advise and support your in-house distribution management teams on their long-term strategy and day to day operations. This service is a fantastic supplement for properties with in-house distribution management teams that could benefit from additional oversight and guidance. 
2. Outsourced distribution management: With this offering, Insight | Out’s distribution experts become an extension of the commercial team taking ownership and accountability of the strategy and tactical implementation of distribution management. This service is suitable for properties that do not have an in-house team to manage this critical discipline. We become your outsourced distribution team.
3. Individual coaching: Developing the hospitality industry in the Middle East is part of our DNA, and through individual coaching we support in-house team members in developing their own skills and ensuring understanding of policies, procedures, and technologies. This service is suitable for any hospitality employees that needs to sharpen distribution management skills.
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