Learning & Development

Delivering effective programs that motivate your sales team to be market leaders.

Our Focus
Sales Funnel:
Providing an ongoing pipeline of lucrative business leads
Accelerating Growth:
Sales and business growth within your competitive market, and internationally
Sales Activities:
The power behind your performance and KPI’s
Enriching Insight:
Gifting your team with our knowledge, allowing them to master the skills of business development
learning programs offered
Sales 1001

A fundamental back to basics sales model for mastering the sales cycle. The program includes essential fundamental skills applicable to the entire sales team, centered around the 7 steps of the sales cycle from:

  1. Prospecting a client
  2. Qualifying the prospect
  3. Securing an appointment
  4. Delivering the presentation, enhancing key communications skills and presentation preparation
  5. Address the objectives – ensuring that all objectives, benefits and features are tailored made to the company
  6. Closing the sale
  7. Asking for referrals
Heads in Beds

Strategic Sales & Key Account Management

A holistic sales strategy designed to maximize occupancy and create demand during low seasons. This program develops a custom made strategic direction for each segment of the business through detailed analysis, applying revenue management tools.

Global Contracting & RFP Solicitation

Tailor-made to both Hotel and Brand Global sales structure and Essentials for Hotel Distribution on GDS
with Global Sales Coverage Strategy

Distribution Simplified

Created to support senior managements understanding of distribution models to facilitate strategic development. This bespoke program outlines a succinct overview of how all systems within the hospitality distribution structure should support each other in order to achieve optimized operation. This program is tailor made for each client to facilitate a true understanding the benefits of distribution.