Learning & Development

Be part of the revenue evolution, empowering your Revenue Manager to fully
maximise your profit.

As the discipline evolves, third generation revenue managers need to be commercially driven and astute in their analysis. An in-depth understanding of distribution, coupled with a powerful, strategic vision to impact all revenue streams, and deeply engage with their teams as senior leaders, are essential qualities.

Our Focus:
  • Comprehensive insight review for outperforming your market
  • Strategic thinking and tactical planning
  • Bespoke revenue management recommendations
  • Building a strong revenue management culture within an organization
  • Developing an integrated decision-making forum within the core disciplines
Our Solutions
  • Commercial review with the hotel revenue team
  • Tailored training programs on revenue and distribution for revenue managers
  • Hand-crafted revenue workshops for non-revenue managers. For example, General Manager, Finance
learning programs offered

All of our learning programs’ content is customized to meet individual requirements. Some examples of learning program concepts are:

Concepts of Revenue Management

This module familiarizes participants with the fundamental principles of modern Revenue Management. From basic concepts through to advanced techniques, participants can expect a comprehensive “ground-up” examination of what it takes to excel in the modern world.

Strategic Revenue Management

For a more holistic, high-level approach, this module will focus on the mid- to long-term objectives and strategy of Revenue Management, in order to give participants, the perspectives and techniques needed to make critical, effective decisions about their companies. Key elements of this module include Comp set, Positioning, Benchmarking and Performance Monitoring.

Revenue Management Operations

By structuring Revenue Management into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, participants are familiarized with the application and operations side of Revenue Management through demonstration and discussion. Including important elements such as the organization and structure of Revenue Meetings, and other key elements of their day-to-day work, this module provides participants with skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied to their own hotels/organizations.

Total Revenue Management

In many companies, Revenue Management is largely only used in Rooms Divisions, but it can also be incredibly effective when applied to other revenue generating departments. This is demonstrated to participants using analysis of real-life examples from F&B, banquets and conferences, and Spas, where key benchmark figures have developed, and potential measures critically discussed.

Live Application and Case Studies

Bringing together the skills and techniques developed so far, this module challenges the participants to realize the direct applications of their learning and how to use it to make effective changes within their hotel or organization. They will be guided through a complex, real-world business case and invited to determine strategic need areas and propose effective measures to address those needs.