ECRME (European Centre for Revenue Management Education) Training- Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Dubai on May 9& 10, 2016

April 14, 2016
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ECRME (European Centre for Revenue Management Education) Training- Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Dubai on May 9& 10, 2016

In an increasingly globalised and cross-linked world, employees in the hospitality and travel industry are faced with rapid changes in job-related requirements.

Whit new job profiles continously emerging, conventional education often struggles to keep pace. The European Association ECRME (European Center for Revenue Management Education) is determined to adress the challenges in the field of Revenue Management by offering European certified training courses.


The course comprises 15 one-day modules in which participants will be introduced to the different aspects of Revenue Management. The transfer of learning to the real work environment is a crucial element of the course.


RM – Revenue Management DM – Digital Marketing EL – Electives
RM01 – Basic Concepts of Revenue Management DM01 – Distribution – Business Models & Systems EL – 5 modules by choice, e.g.
RM02 – Strategic Revenue Management DM02 – Digital Marketing EL01 – Online Reputation Management
RM03 – Revenue Management Operations DM04 – Digital Marketing EL02 – Basic Training Trust CRS
RM04 – Total Revenue Management DM04 – Social Media & Community Management EL03 – Basic Training Trust CRS
RM05 – Live application & case studies DM05 – Live application & case studies EL04– Optimizing of Website &Booking Engine

* Revenue Management (mandatory modules)

RM01 – Basic Concepts of Revenue Management

This module familiarizes the participants with the fundamental principals of modern Revenue Management. Apart from the basic concepts, i.e. Kimes “Strategic Levers of Revenue Management“, their application (“Demand Calendar“) and the most important key figures/ratios are covered.

RM02 – Strategic Revenue Management

The focus is laid on mid- and longterm obejctives of Revenue Management. Key elements of this module are Compset, Positioning, Benchmarking and Performance Monitoring.

RM03 – Revenue Management Operations

By structuring Revenue Management into daily, weekly and monthly tasks the application and operations side are demonstrated, discussed and familiarized. This includes the organisation and structure of Revenue Meetings, which can be applied directly in the participants hotel/organisation.

RM04 – Total Revenue Management

As in many companies Revenue Management is solely applied in Rooms Divisions, this module concentrates on the application in other revenue generating departments. For F&B, banquets and conferences, and Spa, examples get analysed, key benchmark figures developed and potential measures discussed.

RM05 – Live application and case studies

Aside of the familiarisation with the necessary theory, the knowledge transfer and application into the daily work life are central points of the program. To achieve this, tasks have to get resolved, in groups or as individuals, using real or ficticious examples. Upon request participants may use their own hotel/company as an example to work on during the course.

DM 01 – Distribution – Business Models und Systems

The majority of bookings today is either influenced or directly conducted through/with electronic booking systems. The participants are familiarized with common (electronic) booking channels, single image inventory and the challenges of maintaining the distribution network on a daily basis. A second focus of this modul are the various business- and contracting models of online booking platforms.

DM02 – Digital Marketing

Today, the proprietary website is the most important online booking channel for most hotels. It is in the center of its online marketing activities and has to satisfy certain minimum requirements. To be visible, attract customers and generate bookings, a number of instruments exist – starting with review platforms and search engine optimisations. This modul concentrates on how these instruments work and how they should be used in order to be successful.

DM03 – Social Media and Community Management

Social Media has evolved in the last years, with seemingly unlimited opportunities. Which measures should be taken for hotels/hospitality organisations? What needs to be practically considered to be successful with them? What is story telling, community Management and how can Social Media be utilized in the daily work? These are the key subjects of this module.

DM04 – Distribution Strategies

No other field in the hotel industry has evolved faster in the last years than online Distribution, and there are no signs of a slow-down. Continuous changes pose many challenges for hoteliers, and a rising entry hurdle. This module will provide a methodical approach to master online distribution. What are the targets, which systems should be used, where and how do they need to be interfaced, etc? The „layer model“ describes the way of rates and availabilities to the points of sale and how reservations are transmitted to hotels. Costs and net revenue contribution per channel are other key subjects of the module.

DM05 – Live application and case studies

As already in Block 1 “Revenue Management“ this module will challenge the participants with the transfer and application of the learned. They will analyse a hotel (the use of their own hotel/company is possible upon request) in a complex business case, determine strategic need areas and propose measures answering these needs.

Coming up Trainings

9th & 10 May 2016
  • Day 1 – RM04/5 – Total Revenue Management and case studies
  • Day 2 – DM04 – Distribution Strategy

Training Venue:

Grand Millennium Hotel Barsha, Dubai

The Trainer – Heiko Siebert

A revenue management, digital marketing and distribution specialist with more than 20 years’ experience and a highly successful hotel career most recently with Moevenpick Hotels and Resorts where he was Vice President Distribution.

Heiko continues to consult helping international partners develop successful distribution and revenue management strategies crucial to their performance in a global marketplace and teaches at Swiss Hotel Schools.

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