Meet The Team

Passion, know-how and energy form the core foundations of the Insight | Out team.

With over 150 combined years of hands-on experience in the Middle East and UK hospitality, tourism and service industries, we can share our invaluable expertise and professional experience to enhance your business operations, mentor your management and guarantee success.

Insightful & Creative

Mona Faraj

Founder & Managing Director

Decisive & Dynamic

Angie Lacia

Senior Consultant

Adventurous, Go-Getter

Cristina Polo

Senior Consultant

Imaginative & Inspirational

Deepa Subba

Senior Consultant

Precisionist & Data Fanatic

Shadi Kaddoura

Senior Consultant

Powerful & Motivational

Tiina-Maija Bergman

Senior Consultant

Accurate & Astute

Jean Alolor


Cultured & Experienced

Salem Rizk

Business Development

Connected & Go Getter

Wafia El Deeb

Consultant Egypt

Pure White Stress-Reliever


Chief Happiness Officer